The top 10 2019 Met Gala outfits, ranked:

Gabby Allen, Editor-in-Chief

The Met Gala is an annual fundraiser to benefit the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute in New York City. This evening, taking place on the first Monday of May, is a pinnacle evening for the fashion industry. This event features a unique theme each year; this year’s theme being “Camp: Notes on Fashion.” “Camp” does not have a singular definition, and the concept is altogether difficult to describe. Simply put, “Camp,”  is synonymous with absurdity. Ironically, one of the most serious nights for fashion has a theme centered around all things anti-serious. Here are my top costumes of the evening, counting down to the best at number 1:

10: Katy Perry’s “Chandelier” costume-

Though I wouldn’t even consider ranking this costume due to how strange and, quite frankly, tacky it seemed, I must admit that Katy Perry embodied the idea of Camp. Her dress was extravagant and absurd, completely in line with the evening’s theme. This life-sized chandelier, complete with electric candles and crystals, was designed by Jeremy Scott for Moschino.

9: Gigi Hadid’s catsuit costume-

Gigi Hadid, though also embracing the spirit of the evening, looked like an automation at the Gala. Hadid wore a metallic catsuit (jumpsuit), complete with a feather cape and headpiece, designed by Michael Kors, her date for the evening. Hadid’s look was complete with crystal hoops and gaudy silver lashes. While her costume is certainly unique and very Camp, she had too much absurd and too little elegance for the evening.

8: Kim Kardashian’s “dripping” costume-

Kim Kardashian wore a beaded tan latex dress by Thierry Mugler to the Gala this year. Though I think the dress itself too much resembles that of a garbage bag, the water droplets ostensibly falling off her body is nothing short of a design masterpiece. The droplets, seemingly suspended in mid-air,  were made out of iridescent beads, thus creating an illusion that Kardashian was dripping. This image was furthered by Kardashian’s wet hair look.

7: Zendaya’s “Cinderella” costume-

This year, Zendaya wore a gray-blue light-up ballgown made of tulle and ruffled sleeves by Tommy Hilfiger. Within minutes of her arrival to the Gala, users flooded Twitter, dubbing her as the new Cinderella, complete with her own fairy godmother (Law Roach, her stylist). Though nothing short of magical, this dress was somewhat overhyped by many Twitter users due to my inability not to compare her dress to Zac Posen’s sky-blue ball gown, worn at the 2016 Gala by Claire Danes. The similarities and, in my opinion, the supremacy of Posen’s dress to Hilfiger’s, make up my reasonings for Zendaya’s ranking.

6: Celine Dion’s jumpsuit:

Celine Dion wore an Oscar de la Renta bodysuit with dazzling fringe. This dress, though it may look simple, such was nowhere near the case. This bodysuit, complete with a headpiece which I consider to be the defining aspect of her ensemble, weighs over 22 pounds and took over 3,000 hours to bead by hand by 52 master embroiderers. The work that went into her dress is most definitely Camp.

5: Kendall Jenner’s Cher costume:

This year, Kendall Jenner wowed the Met Gala with her orange feathered dress by Versace, complete with a large feather collar that fanned behind her. This dress was inspired by Cher but reminds me more of a flapper straight out of the 1920s – with more flare, of course. Jenner was the essence of elegance in this gown and definitely surpassed the disappointment from her anticlimactic plain white jumper last year. 

4:  Jared Leto’s “Jared Leto” costume:

Adorned in Gucci, Jared Leto wore a red gown made of silk, complemented by shoulder pads and a body chain composed of jewels. Leto’s headpiece this year happened to be his actual head. Leto walked the pink carpet while carrying a mannequin copy of his own head at his side, mirroring Gucci’s Fall-Winter 2018 show in Milan at which models were sent down the runway carrying duplicates of their heads. This year, Leto definitely brought the Camp look.

3: Billy Porter’s “Sun God” costume:

Most people walked the pink carpet at the Met Gala. Billy Porter, however, decided to be carried down the pink carpet by six shirtless men, all wearing gold pants, shoes, and headpieces. I was in awe the entire time Porter was at the Gala. Porter wore an Ancient Egypt-inspired outfit, designed by the Blonds, and included a bejeweled golden jumpsuit with 10-foot wings and a 24-karat gold crown. Porter exclaimed the most obvious statement of the evening on the carpet, saying, “Camp is the art of being extra.”

2: Ezra Miller’s Many Faces costume:

Ezra Miller, a man who is always known for his theatrics, provided audiences with one of the most iconic double-takes of the evening. His clothing itself, a suit made by Burberry, was Camp enough, but the costume was all about Miller’s face. Miller’s face was painted with five extra eyeballs, place above his eyes. This ensemble was complete with Miller’s accessory for the evening: A mask of a face on a stick, presenting the message of what lies underneath. His makeup at the Gala was definitely the most awe-inspiring of any other celebrity.

1: Lady Gaga’s performance of a costume:

Of course, Lady Gaga was the quintessential version of Camp at the Met Gala this year. Not only were Gaga’s Brandon Maxwell-designed outfits elegant, but she presented each costume in a theatrical performance, removing her costume one by one. Extravagant doesn’t even begin to describe Gaga at the Gala. She began walking the carpet surrounded by men holding umbrellas while wearing a voluminous pink dress. Gaga began to take off each costume one by one. First, she took off the pink gown to reveal a simple black dress, which she paired with one of the men’s umbrellas. Then the black gown was removed to reveal a form-fitting simple pink dress, which was the last item removed, revealing a sparkling lingerie set. All of this was done during a performance in which Gaga utilized the assistance of several men and props, such as a giant 90s inspired phone, pink lipstick, and a children’s pink wagon. If the performance and her many costumes weren’t enough, Gaga was also draped in $2 million worth of Tiffany diamonds as well as an 18k gold necklace. With all this in mind, it’s self-explanatory as to why Gaga takes the Camp for the best dressed at the Met Gala this year.

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