Successful club fair encourages participation


Gabby Allen

On Thursday, September 27, upper school students attended Norfolk Collegiate’s annual Club Fair. This year, 32 student-led clubs flooded the Watt-Baker Gym, their tables adorned with posters, candy and sign-up sheets.

Clubs are an important part of Norfolk Collegiate’s school identity and a way for students to expand upon their interests. This year, clubs ranged from a Book Club, Interact Club and a Middle Eastern Culture Club, to the Equal Rights Activists, Jeopardy Club and even a Lettuce Club – to name just a few. Nonetheless, there was an abundance of exciting activities offered to students to participate in.

Music Club, led by Jordan Laster, a senior, is one of many new clubs this year. Laster stated Music Club will allow students to “talk about new albums that are coming out or…new artists [they] want to share [with each other].”

Maria Gilbert, also a senior, carried on the Quiz Bowl Club this year. Maria was granted the leadership position by Mr. White, the team’s previous leader. She was very optimistic about the future of the club, despite the unexpected passing of Mr. White.

“We have a lot of new members who are interested [in the team] and we hope to bring out a pretty good team next year,” she stated, alluding to the team’s Battle of the Brains competition, which is televised.

Music Club and Quiz Bowl Club are just two examples of how each club, regardless of its size, interests or longevity, is passionate about their discussions and activities. And if you’re into consuming heads of lettuce, well then, lettuce rejoice.