For more information regarding the continuing crisis of global warming, check out:

An Inconvenient Truth:

An Inconvenient Truth was written by Al Gore and directed by Davis Guggenheim. The movie is narrated by Al Gore and warns Americans and the human population of the severity of Global Warming. The human population has a huge impact on the global warming and Americans need to change their ways. The documentary will show the destruction that natural disasters bring and call for immediate action to fix Global Warming.

The Water Will Come:

Writer Jeff Goodell expands on the idea of how sea level rise will effect the world as a whole. Goodell travels across twelve countries to show and describe to the audience how the world is already a water world. By taking real world examples, such as the ice sheets in the Arctic melting, to higher tides pushing into the places we live, Goodwell explores and exposes the real threat of sea level rise.

Chasing Ice:

In the documentary Chasing Ice, photographer James Balog travels to Iceland with other explorers with one mission, to complete The Extreme Ice Survey. Balog, along with the explorers, placed cameras around the Arctic region to track the Earth’s glaciers throughout a few years. James Balog is just a man who wants to change history by proving that our planet is changing.

Before the Flood:

In the documentary Before the Flood, Academy award winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio takes the audience on a journery throughout multiple locations on the planet to meet with world leaders, scientists and activists to discuss the dangers of climate change and the possible solutions to them.