Mrs. Lassiter brings laughs and literature to NCS

Jesse Mirman, Copy editor

One of the three faces new to the Upper School faculty is Mrs. Ashleigh Lassiter, a Virginia Beach native who is in the midst of her fifth year teaching. She currently teaches sophomore English and senior seminar English.
As a high school student, Mrs. Lassiter was taught by Amy Robb, English Department Chair, at Kellam High School in Virginia Beach.
Mrs. Robb said, “I taught Mrs. Lassiter – then Smith – for every year in high school. When she applied I was thrilled because I already had first-hand knowledge of her intillect, love for literature, and work ethic. She’s a great addition to the English department.”
Through her “structured, yet organic” teaching style, Mrs. Lassiter is encouraging students to speak up and voice their thoughts.
She is quite particular in what she expects from her students and her main goal is to prepare them to be able to accomplish all that they are capable of.
“I anticipate them being the revolutionaries of the next generation,” Lassiter said.
Not only does she appreciate her connection with the students, but she also enjoys the bonds she has established with most Norfolk Collegiate family members she has encountered; this is because NCS is a tightly knit community composed of “incredibly nice” people.
When she is not in the classroom, Mrs. Lassiter and her husband like to discover local
restaurants when they aren’t looking after their young son.
Throughout the first quarter, students have come to truly enjoy her unique humor and interactive teaching style, and are eager to learn more about her as a teacher and a person.