From Long-Term Substitute to Full Time Math Teacher

Gabby Allen, Managing Editor

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After retiring from the Navy after 20 years, and working as a college professor, Ms. Montgomery takes on her newest challenge: math students at NCS.
“I think I’ve always wanted to be a teacher but sometimes life takes you in different directions,” Montgomery said after reflecting on her past jobs including serving as a civil engineer corps officer in the Navy as well as a teacher at the Naval Academy. Her assignment at the Academy was for four years, teaching while both active duty and after her retirement.
Many can say they already know Ms. Montgomery, as she was a long-term substitute starting in the winter of 2017 and teaches every grade level in the upper school. Though she is a familiar face in our community, Ms. Montgomery has no shortage of new and exciting approaches in her classes to offer students.
For one, Ms. Montgomery brings her love of teaching into the classroom every day. She wants her students to think of math with enthusiasm, not disdain, and have them truly understand the foundations.
“It’s not just about learning how to do [math],” she said, “but it’s the ability for [students] to learn to think, problem solve, and then take that ability and apply it in their other classes.”
For most of her life, Ms. Montgomery has served as a role model to children of all ages; from coaching sports teams to leading boy scouts, she has taught “young people different aspects, from sports to citizenship.”
Ms. Montgomery hopes to continue to do so for Collegiate students this year and for the years to come.