Varsity girls tennis team causes a raquet

Josh Reed, Staff Writer

All of the Norfolk Collegiate teams performed well this fall athletic season, but one of the most impressive was the Varsity Girls Tennis team. Led by upperclassmen second team all-state honoree senior Brooke Walthall and senior Carson McMonagle, and all-state first team member and first team TCIS nominee, junior Gabrielle Toomy.
They finished with a 15-3 record, beating six of the top ten ranked division II teams. Along with finishing third in TCIS and in state, many players received individual awards.
Eighth grader Julianna Selig was named second team TCIS in singles, and Brooke Walthall and Gabrielle Toomy were TCIS second team picks in doubles.
Throughout the season, doubles matches were a strong-suit for the team, as they had a remarkable 45-6 record.
The team made it to the state semifinals, but lost to eventual state champions North Cross, who they had beaten earlier this season.
The team won the Second Annual Trinity Tennis Round Robin Invitational, with freshman Ellie Robertson and Gabrielle Toomy being named to the all-tournament team.
While this was a remarkable season, preparation for next year has already begun. According to coach James Moskowitz, “The future looks bright.” Five eighth graders were on varsity this year, and all certainly contributed greatly to the team’s success, as they went undefeated in doubles matches throughout the regular season.
“Our goal was to make it to states and gain experience, and we accomplished that,” said Coach Moskowitz.
When asked about plans for the future he replied, “Next year’s goal is to be TCIS champs and beat Norfolk Academy. No one will take us for granted for the next five years.”
If the team continues to play at the level they played this season while still improving, this plan could certainty become reality.