Style Steal: Sneakers hit the runway

Calie Quinn, Editor-in-Chief

High heels and flats have always been in. Between opting to wear them with a casual, laid back look, or wearing them with a dressier up-to-date look, they have always been the go-to shoes. As the seasons are changing, so are the fashion trends. Sneakers such as New Balances, Adidas, and Nikes have been making a scene in the fashion world. Such sneakers in the past have had the reputation of being unfashionable, practical, and utilitarian. During one of the most important weeks for the fashion industry, New York Fashion Week, the statement was pairing laid back sneakers with a classier, edgier, and more glamorous look.
Sneakers have been around for decades. The sporty, comfortable, and typically unfashionable shoes have been far away from any runway. Tourists use them to walk around cities in comfort, gymaholics use them for training, and athletes use them to practice and perform in games with. Only recently have the stereotypical use of these shoes been re-invented to be used on the runway, and to be paired with sophisticated, professional outfits.
“My favorite pair of sneakers are the Air Jordan 11’s Space Jams,” senior Cameron Lewis said. “I always loved the movie, and I’ve always wanted the shoes.”
During the Spring 2018 Fashion Week, brands such as Coach, Fenty x Puma by Rihanna, and Zimmerman all incorporated the sneaker into some of their looks. All of these designers and brands had different approaches as to how to pair the shoes. Coach went for a more modern approach. The brand made their sneakers more edgy, modern, contemporary, and trendy.
Fenty x Puma by Rihanna went for the more basic, but edgy look as the sneakers were a little platformed, and had the recurring theme of a pale, off colored pink. Last but not least, Zimmerman was the most basic and easy-to-pair sneaker. Zimmermann’s shoe was all white, and had a huge statement letter “N” on the side, the style that the newly popular New Balance sneakers have plastered on both sides of their shoes.
“I was young when I realized that shoes were in fashion,” Lewis said. “My cousins who were older at the time had so many different types of Jordan’s and Nike’s that were limited edition. I always wanted to have shoes like that.”
Even if sneakers have been around for as long as anyone can remember, the fashion industry has taken the bland shoe and created something more versatile and edgy. The use of sneakers will forever be changed. Never before were sneakers thought as a fashionable statement. Designers were the first to jump on the bandwagon, and since then, the use of these practical shoes have been vastly changed.