New strength coach sees gains in toughness, grit


Jackson Burke

[“Workouts with Coach B] are very hard and [inspire] us to get better every day. The workouts have trained my mind and body because they take mental and physical toughness to get through,” said sophomore Monroe Forehand (right), pictured with Brandon Pettrey (left)

Jackson Burke, Staff Writer

“3,2,1 … let’s work.”
Cold air blows from the air conditioner as the smell of rust and sweat fill the room. Blistered hands, colors changed to red and orange, grip a weight bar heavy with weights. The room is quiet for seconds before adrenaline and force are deployed to move sold, cold plates of iron. “LOCK IT OUT!!,” screams Coach Brandon, but he still seems as calm as can be.
Brandon Trusty, Coach B, is the perfect fit for a school that needed a new trainer. With his monotone voice he calms the athletes working out as they lift up to 450 pounds. He is a calm leader that sets an example for the rest of his “students.”
Sophomore Braeden Thomson said, “Training with him is extremely exhausting, but he’s committed to making us better.” He enjoys the workouts, despite the muscle pain days after.
“I never do the same exact workout more than once, it gets too repetitive and boring,” Coach B said. And boring is one word that athletes definitely do not use to describe Trusty.
A graduate of North Carolina A&T and a Division 1 football athlete, he knows what it takes to prepare our athletes for college and professional teams. Coach Brandon continued his career playing on a few NFL teams, one of them being the Philadelphia Eagles, and then finished his career in the Canadian Football League.
Coach B owns his own gym on Brambleton called Fuel Sports Performance and also is the Head Trainer at the Kroc Salvation Army Center just a few blocks away.
Some new skills he brings to Collegiate athletes include composure, steadiness and explosiveness. He plans to build athletes from the ground up so they have a solid base to become the strongest they can be. He has trained a number of successful athletes that have gone to prestigious athletic schools such as Virginia Tech, the University of North Carolina and Old Dominion University.
“We are happy to have him here and he’s setting us up for success,” said senior Hunter Flora.