Calie’s Cuisine: Commune

Calie Quinn, Editor-in-Chief

     Under Communes logo is the simple statement, “real food.” This simple statement is no lie. Commune is well known for its healthy, organic, and farm-to-table food. Commune even owns a farm in Pungo, Virginia Beach called New Earth Farm. With such organic and local ingredients, it’s hard not to love Commune’s food. With how popular Commune has become, the small and cramped Virginia Beach commune was a norm for me, and I was hoping for a new and exciting scene. Commune has recently built another location of their restaurant. One location of course being a couple of blocks away from the oceanfront in Virginia Beach, and the other location in downtown Norfolk on the corner of Granby street. Without any hesitation, I opted to go to the Norfolk Commune, since it’s the newest one, and since I’ve been to the Virginia Beach location a countless number of times.

     When you first walk in, you instantly see a spartan, modern, rustic-chic and contemporary setting. With tables dispersed, the noise level was perfect and I could actually hear myself talk. The table settings are dainty and match with the hipster decor throughout the building. With exposed brick, and an open floor plan, you instantly feel you’re in a coffee shop in New York City.

     I ordered the classic breakfast sandwich. I had high hopes, and I wasn’t let down. The sandwich consisted out of sunnyside up eggs, sharp cheddar cheese, and greens all stacked between two sourdough brioche buns. The bun was fresh, and when I took my first bite, the cheese melted in my mouth, and the eggs were cooked perfectly. As a drink, I ordered the lavender iced coffee. The slight hint of lavender in the icy caffeinated drink was refreshing, and had a unique twist to it. I’m not a huge fan of coffee, but this coffee was one of the few that I actually enjoyed.

     The pricing is incredibly reasonable. For an iced lavender coffee and a breakfast sandwich, my total was $10. For a restaurant that uses organic, wholesome ingredients, the pricing is very affordable.  

     The service was excellent. The waiter answered all the questions I had on the menu, and was very attentive.

     All in all, I give Commune 4 out of 4 Iced Coffees. The atmosphere was fantastic, the service was great, and the food was excellent quality, with a fresh and flavorful taste. I would highly recommend Commune to anyone who loves brunch just as much as I do.