Pre-fight analysis of Aldo v. Holloway UFC match

Josiah McDaniel, Staff Reporter

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A Veteran in MMA and the UFC against the ‘blessed’ Max Holloway, José Aldo is scheduled to fight Holloway this December on the 2nd. Max Holloway is looking to defend his current title of featherweight champion.

Weighing in a 145 and an arm reach of 69”, Holloway has a slight disadvantage with Aldo weighing the same at 145 but he has a longer arm reach at 70”. However, Holloway has a 2 inch longer leg reach then Aldo. Holloway has another advantage being 4 inches taller than José Aldo, so it will give Aldo a harder striking game than usual. Jaden Bullock commented on the upcoming fight saying, “Aldo is gonna lose by submission in the third round, he’s not as good as he used to be”.

This event is named the fight of the night and there are good reasons why. While Holloway has a better offense in striking, José Aldo has a significantly stronger defense then Holloway, also he has a better grappling game than Max Holloway. Even though Jose Aldo lost to Holloway back in June he is ready to come back better than ever and take the title featherweight champion of the world.

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