Calies Cuisine: Brunch Edition

Calies Cuisine: Brunch Edition

Calie Quinn, Editor


    While graduation may be over, that does not mean that brunching has to stop. Graduation season meant lavish parties, lots of food, and most importantly, lots of family members. Brunch is a very popular sunday activity, and can easily be argued as the best type of food ever. With this list of brunch tastic foods, you will be sure to find a place for you and for family to try out.

My mom and I decided to at least try one brunch place so Calie’s cuisine could be properly executed. The place we choose was The Carriage House in downtown Norfolk. The little house is easy to miss, as it looks like an everyday three story brick house. As we walked into the quaint, but spacious house, the place was filled with antique home decor. Little knick-knacks covered the place, and all the chairs were each covered in different and unique cloths. We got seated very quickly, and the menu was the perfect variety. The brunch foods went from a smoked salmon platter to different types of crepes and waffles. I got the chocolate crepes, which were filled with chocolate mousse and was topped with fresh strawberries and whipped cream.

    The crepes were perfect. They were a little large, but their appearance and great taste made the perfect mix. The chocolate mousse was airy and creamy, and the chocolate syrup was a nice addition to the dish. My mom ordered a quiche, and said that it was “very good with lots of different tastes.”

    The price was reasonable, and nothing was overreaching the expected cost for a brunch.


Places in Norfolk to try:

Press 626- Press 626 locally sourced american plates, from sandwiches to steak, plus plenty of arrangement of drinks in an elegant, relaxed setting. Press 626 is located on 626 W Olney Rd, in Norfolk. Their hours are Monday-Friday 11AM-11PM Saturday 5PM-11PM, and Sunday 10:30 AM-2:30 PM


Green onion- The Green Onion is a seasonal menu of French-inspired dishes plus an array of drinks and cheeses in a cozy bistro with a patio. The Green Onion is located on 1603 Colley Ave, in Norfolk. The hours for the Green Onion is Monday-Thursday 11AM-10PM, Then Friday-Sunday 10AM-11PM (With the exception that the restaurant closes at 10 PM on sunday)


Hair of the dog- Locally owned and operated Hair of the dog serves up a delightful spin on classic comfort foods and traditional breakfast offerings that will keep you coming back for more. Hair of the dog has two locations, one restaurant in Virginia Beach and one in Norfolk near the campus of ODU