Varsity Girls Soccer: fewer girls, more fight


Calie Quinn, Editor

 Driven, persistent, determined, energetic and a large green turf field. All of these combinations of adjectives are used to describe the attributes of Norfolk Collegiates Varsity Girls Soccer team. These girls on the Varsity team have been working hard over the course of their season, and have transitioned very well and adapted to the loss of the graduated seniors from last years 2016 class. Like last years loss of graduating seniors, this year the Varsity Girls team will be losing three girls, Cameron Brown, Sarah Smallets, and Hannah Beale

“The seniors leaving this year will be almost impossible to replace because they are so good,” Coach Hall said.

    The Girls Soccer team this year has a shortage of girls. Graduated Norfolk Collegiate students Alexis Mcgurn, Ann Morrison Burns, Madison White, and Timeri Jordan helped lead the Varsity Girls soccer team to victory at last year’s TCIS championship tournament and helped placed the girls to be second in state.

    “We will really miss Cameron who plays back, and Sarah and Hannah who play in the middle next year,” said sophomore Whitley Monroe, “but next year we will have strong seniors as well.”

    The team is always changing and strategizing new game plans, and are always  “determined to work harder and harder every day” says Coach Hall.

     The girls team this year only has one player to be used as a substitution. Last year, there were two girls that could be used as substitutions.

    “We were used to it last year with only having two subs but this year, we have had multiple injuries,” said Whitley  “it’s been hard having no subs in some of the more difficult games but it’s nice to have JV girls available and willing to come up and play with us,” she said.

    If you’re not quite familiar with the term substitution, a substitution is when a player on the field is replaced by a player who has been sitting on the bench.

The varsity girls soccer team made their way up TCIS finals. The Varsity girls defeated Cape Henry Collegiate, making them second in state. The game against Norfolk Academy at Old Dominion University resulted in a 3-0 loss. The large field at ODU proved as a challenge, but the girls put all the effort they had into the game, and fought hard to win.

    “Right now, we’re trying to take it game by game in the TCIS tournament because it’s so close to home and that’s one of our biggest priorities at the moment.” Said Whitley, “States is the next thing on our minds after finishing 2nd last year.” she said.