Varsity sailing repeats two championship titles

Selim Benis, Staff Writer

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Sailing is a staple of the Norfolk Collegiate community that has gained a large appreciation over the years. Sailing is a rigorous sport because it requires clever strategy to be utilized on a dynamic isometric plane all the while needing sailors to be ambidextrous and nimble within the boat in order to put these strategies into play.

Due to wind issues, the Tidewater Conference of Independent Schools(TCIS) championship and The Virginia Independent Schools Athletic Association (VISAA) championship took place on the same day. Our sailing team took advantage of the opportunity and won both championships on the same day, fitting yet another victory under the belt of the Norfolk Collegiate sailing team.Through 11/12-13 they took on the Mid-Atlantic Scholastic Sailing Association (MASSA) sailing championship in Rochester, New York and placed fifth.

Matthew Wright, a sailor on the Varsity sailing team explains what happens on a daily basis at practice: ” First, we plan what we are going to do during practice, whether it be team racing, starts, or boat handling practice. After that, we rig the boats with their respective sails and push off. We do what we discussed at the beginning of practice, at about 6:00 is when we usually head back in. Once we de-rig the boats and put the sails back in the dock boxes, we sit and debrief with the coach and embellish on the positives of the practice”

One of the activities that sailors take part in is team racing, where people use rules of engagement and careful strategy to gain the advantage over the opposing team. The coach, Randy Stokes, finds team racing and boat handling to be very important in order to have the proper skills to win first place in a regatta gracefully. A point that coach Stokes cannot emphasize  enough is communication because opponents will do whatever they can to outsmart their competition and use superior strategy to cleverly beat sailors if they do not communicate with teammates



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