The Oak Leaf says:

Dear school store, more healthy foods, please

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The Collegiate Café, our cafeteria, works very hard to ensure that students receive a healthy and nutritious lunch. Chef Adam and his staff work diligently to provide us with the finest, well-balanced meals. The Collegiate Corner, better known as the school store, provides us with great midday snacks to give us an extra burst of energy we need to get us through the day. The school store presents a wonderful variety of chips, candy, popcorn, and different drinks, but not all of the options are healthy.  The cafeteria’s message is contradicted by what is being sold at the school store.

Junk food may always seem more appealing when given a choice between “healthy” and “junk.” Senior Leigh Ann Ordonez says, “There is really nothing healthy in there, they could have more healthy options… healthy stuff is dumped on the bottom [shelf] and non-healthy is displayed on top.”

The school store could continue to work to provide a more balanced selection. While still serving the candy, chips and popcorn, they should also add more nutritious snacks.  Over the years it has reduced many of the high fat, high sugar and artificial foods and drinks. According to Chef Adam, “the school store has gotten better since it first opened.” He also believes that the school store could work to provide some options that are healthier so students are not just continually eating junk food. However, Chef Adam understands the pull of sweets. He still serves ice cream and deserts, but tries to balance the desert selection by only offering some deserts twice a week.

Some students, like senior Jessica LaVertu, limit their visits to the store.  LaVertu says, “ I do not really go there that much, but if I go then it is for something not healthy.”

The Oak Leaf would like to see the healthy options expanded and moved to a more prominent location. Healthy foods might include more yogurt selections, fresh fruit, and vegetables.

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