Selim takes on the small screen: Unbroken


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Unbroken by Angelina Jolie is a depiction of late veteran Louis Zamperini’s, (played by Jack O’Connell) life, it runs through his younger years, then his years as an Olympic athlete, and then his life as a bombardier on a B-24 bomber plane. The main theme of the movie is, in his brother’s words, “if you can take it you can make it.”

”Louis Zamperini’s story begins with his childhood as a mischievous boy, his life is heading nowhere, until his brother inspires him to pursue track running. His skills are honed by his brother until he rises to the level of an Olympic sprinter. His life is looking up until the beginning of World War II, he sees at his local recruiter’s office that people who enlist can choose which branch they join. He decides to fight for his country and joins the Air Force. He becomes a bombardier on a B-24 crew until he goes on a rescue mission on an arguably flyable plane that crashes in the middle of the Pacific ocean. He survived forty-seven days on the high seas on a raft until he got captured by the Japanese Navy. As the Allies capture more and more islands, he is brought closer and closer to Japan. The film’s main focus is on this period of his amazing life. Throughout the movie, Universal Pictures
Louis Zamperini’s service and his life as POW in the many islands between America and Japan are followed.

Unlike the original book by Laura Hillenbrand, the movie adaptation depicts his childhood and Olympic athlete years as a flashback rather than going through it in chronological order. The movie captured Unbroken’s story’s events so perfectly it seemed as I was right there.The sound of planes, wind, and gunfire were amazing and complimented the well-made visuals.

The one lament I have with this movie is that it did not show all the camps he was in.This is a major plot point in the book that is glossed over in the film.The movie depicts Zamperini’s internal struggle as well as his external struggle as he is faced with unimaginable challenges. Overall the movie is an inspiring story of survival that you should watch.