Fashion by Fu: What’s your prom style?


Yolanda Fu, Staff

It’s that time of the year when juniors and seniors welcome a night full of dressing up, dancing and celebrating. In anticipation for the special night, juniors and seniors are already starting to prepare for prom. However, the long list of prom necessities can be overwhelming at times. Here are some tips for girls in a fashion crisis.



Prom dresses are one of the most important fashion decisions you’ll ever have to make in high school. Prom dress silhouettes include mermaid, strapless, two-piece, one shoulder, A line dresses and so on. Classic colors such as black, royal blue, red and pink are hot for prom 2016. According to the company Pantone, it named Marsala “Color of The Year” for 2016. This rich, dark red color has a warm brown tone that makes it less harsh than a true bright red. Another trend for 2016 prom dress is metallic fabric. The subtle sparkles are especially dazzling under the lights of the dance.  Cut-outs add a delicate, flirty touch to a simple gown. Not only do they make you look slimmer, but you can also keep it classy with subtle ones on the side of your dress or neckline. For this year’s theme, “Masquerade,” the online dress retailer “Promgirl” has selected two-piece dresses that capture the elegance and beauty of a  Masquerade Ball.


Just like Cinderella’s glass shoes, every girl should have a pair of fancy heels to help her shine on her big night. Heels with soft floral patterns look gorgeous with a neutral prom dress. Bright colored pumps are impossible to miss. With a wide array of colors to choose from, it is not difficult to find a shade that compliments your dress.  Stilettos, which can reach up to eight inches, may seem painful but are worthy for a night because they have lengthening effects on your legs.  If you’re worried about walking a lot, wedge heels are the most comfortable, yet fashionable option. They offer more arch support and reduce foot and ankle problems.



Dramatic smoky eyes and flirty red lipstick matches perfectly with any dress and never goes out of style. Metallic makeup looks best when you are tan or have a naturally golden skin tone. Use a copper illuminator for a natural-looking glow. Add in some sparkly, colored liner, like Taylor Swift, who popularized metallic makeup and classic red lips, to make your makeup pop. Rose gold is the most universal of all the metallic shades, and the easiest for beginners to start off with.


To finish off your prom dress, there are perfect extras, from cute handbags to statement jewelry that can match the dress. According to the fashion magazine, Huffpost Teen, these “little things” can take your look to the next level. Having perfect accessories that go along with the entire outfit makes a huge difference and will give you a complete look that will have heads turning as you walk by. Based on the theme, “Masquerade,” some recommendations are small studded diamond earrings, a diamond cuff, silver heels with a bit of sparkle and a mask with an intricate design. The style of your jewelry depends on the design of your dress. For people who are wearing strapless dresses, statement necklaces are the way to go. For cocktail dresses with sleeves or straps, you may want to take a pass on excessive jewelry.



On prom night, every little detail matters. Painted nails can help finish off a polished prom look. Metallic starburst nails are an eye catcher because of their shine and clashing colors. Furthermore, if you want to do DIY nails, there are easy steps that can be taken. Start with a natural base color, and then layer on a shade that matches your dress. A sparkly topcoat can highlight your prom look as the finishing touch. For girly nails, 3D bows can be attached to add a unique detail. For those who enjoy a wilder look, mix up the art on every nail.