Students’ sports photos displayed at the Portsmouth Sports Hall of Fame

Caylee Hirschfeld, Staff

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The photography class is displaying their work at the Portsmouth Sports Hall of Fame through March 27.

The photography class started taking sports-themed pictures for the exhibit in October while learning how to work the cameras.

“It’s good exposure for students and the school,” Mrs. Schero, the photography teacher, said. “[And] It’s a unique opportunity to have an exhibit in the museum. The students really benefit [from] it the most.”

Students chose which photos would be featured in the Portsmouth Sports Hall of Fame exhibit. Mrs. Schero said that some students opted to choose more photos than others.

Students got to photograph sports events for school and also featured some of the gym classes. Some photography in the exhibit includes photos of basketball, volleyball and out-of-school football teams.

Mrs. Schero said there are a variety of photos in the exhibit. She said some photos are shown without any manipulation, while others are more artistic and ab­stract with the help of tools like Photoshop and different filters. She said these special effects help bring photos to life.



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