Chad Bullock pins opponents on his way to the top

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Chad Bullock pins opponents on his way to the top

Bailey Holmes Spencer, Editor-in-Chief

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Chad Bullock ’16 has dominated on the mat this wrestling season, recently placing first in his weight class (220 lbs) at the TCIS level.

Chad is currently ranked #1 in the state for private schools, ranked #8 in the state for private and public schools, nationally ranked #8 and ranked #1 locally for public and private schools. His record is 35 wins to 5 losses.

He is in a weight class where everyone over 220 wrestles against one another.

“It would be harder to wrestle at a lower weight class because everything higher than 220 is heavyweight,” Chad said.

Chad and the wrestling team practice everyday.  They warm up, do drills for 15 minutes, wrestle and then condition. Practice normally last two hours.

“The team and I condition all year round. We also wrestle a lot in the summer,” Chad said.

According to Chad, discipline, mental toughness and heart make a good wrestler.


Q&A with Chad Bullock

Q: When did you start wrestling?

A: I started in 8th grade because of my dad because he coaches wrestling.  I would say wrestling is a family sport because my brother, dad and I do it together. Except my brother is a lot better at it.


Q: How do you prepare for a match?

A: I listen to music. I don’t really warm up. It’s not my thing. I usually just walk back and forth behind the bench.


Q: What happens right before a match?

A: You weigh in an hour before you wrestle. We all weigh a different number so you have to be at that number or below. My weight class is 220.



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