Fashion by Fu

Bean sprout hair pins are the newest fashion statement in China

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Fashion by Fu

Yolanda Fu, Staff

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First, there were flower crowns. Then, there were hair charms. Now, it’s the era of the bean sprout hair clip. Bean sprout clips are the biggest hair trend in China.

    The trend started on Nan Luo Gu Xiang Street, a famous Chinese attraction known for its food, fashion and cultural appeal. People began wearing bean sprout hair clips, which create an illusion that flowers grow on people’s heads. Now, in addition to using these store bought hair accessories, girls in China are also making their own bean sprout hair clips.

    “It looks pretty weird and not normal.” Sophomore Ahmore Andray Anderson said, “Also, it seems like a piece of grass, very unusual, but is very cute.”

    The more popular hair trend in the United States is braiding. It is common to see a groups of girls tie their blonde and shiny hair in a French braid or fishtail. An elaborate braid may not always be easy to master, but it adds a feminine touch to any ensemble. Many famous actresses such as Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez tend to sport a waterfall or undercut braid.

    In addition, many American girls like to wear headbands, not only for a fashion trend but also for practicality. Several girls at school have a headband collection of different designs and colors.

    “It keeps your hair out of your face,” senior Alexis McGurn said. “I think sports bands show the sport spirit. Also, it keeps your face cute.”

    Both girls in China and America like fashion and beautiful accessories. They have different ways to show off their unique sense of style in their countries.


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