The Oak Leaf Holiday Bake-Off comes to an end

The Oak Leaf Holiday Bake-Off comes to an end

Calie Quinn, Staff

As the winter season approaches, students and faculty put their dessert baking ability to the test for The Oak Leaf’s Annual Holiday Bake-Off.

Judges Dr. McCormick, Jimmy Hurley, Ms. Weyer, Mr. Hubert, Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Davis and Chef Adam tasted the five dessert entries submitted by students and faculty. The dishes were judged on appearance, taste and holiday theme.

This year’s winner is sophomore Carson McMonagle, who submitted her Chocolate Peppermint Cake. As a prize she will receive a Chick-Fil-A lunch for two.

“It’s moist [and] melt-in-your-mouth good,” Mr. Hubert commented while judging her cake.

Ms. Billman’s Aunt Linda’s Pecan Pie placed second. The spices and the strong distinct vanilla taste in the pecan pie were a favorite among the judges.

Mr. McElhaney’s Cherry-Coconut Bars shared second place. The panel liked the red and green color scheme in his Cherry-Coconut Bars. They especially loved the small paper snowman he added on top of the Tupperware as a decoration.

“The coconut is not overwhelming, and the cherry was perfectly sweet,” Mrs. Brown said.

Third place went to sophomore Anna Baragona who made a Baked Apple Crisp Pie.

“Good texture of apples,” Ms. Weyer said. “The crust was delicious.”

Junior Leigh Ann Ordonez placed fourth with her dish, Snowy Mountain.

“It’s like cookie dough and a candy bar mixed into one dessert,” Mrs. Brown said.

All of the participants submitted their recipes so readers of The Oak Leaf could bake their holiday treats at home for the holidays.


First Place

Chocolate-peppermint cake

Second Place

Cherry-coconut bars

Aunt Linda Gray’s pecan pie

Honorable Mentions

Baked apple crisp

Snowy Mountains